dog park #1



knows how to


treats from the pockets

of old men

who laugh

and hand them out

like candy




the train-watching couple


parks the car in the abandoned lot,

they pull out their snacks


sit all afternoon


Well, it’s been over three years since my last post, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to start again. Sometimes it’s best to just start and not worry about the rest yet. So here’s my start.


random news

I’m not sure where to start this post.  We’ve been so busy with life- working a lot and cramming in adventures every chance we get that I haven’t had time or the desire to write.

I guess I can start with the big news, in no particular order:

1. Martin and I celebrated 5 years of being married at the beginning of the month!

2. I get to teach in my own classroom next year at a school I love. I am excited to teach 4th grade next year (originally I was hired for 5th…the easiest way to explain it is that there was last minute shuffling and I changed grades).

3. My brother Michael is living with us for the summer and working at the ski resort (where I am working this summer too!).

4. We moved again in March- just across town.

I think that’s all the big news. Other than that, Martin has been REALLY busy at work because the Grand Depart for Tour DIvide was on Friday, and Glacier Cyclery is one of the first bike shops in the first 400ish miles of the route. I finished the school year for a 2nd grade teacher and then jumped into my summer job the day after school got out (I guess I’m learning to be flexible and to roll with things instead of stressing out…hopefully I can grow in that this year!).  About a month ago, we got to host my sister and a couple friends and show them all around (and take them mountain biking for the first time). We had a blast showing them around, hanging out, and seeing them get excited about everything here. Other than that, there have been a lot of bike rides and some hiking.


We were only able to bike halfway up on this trail because the snow got too deep (not that you can tell from this picture). That’s Whitefish Lake and town in the background.

I’ll try to share some more adventures soon!


happy spring

Um…I am not sure what happened over the winter. Sorry for the long absence. Truth be told, it was a bit of a rough winter, although a beautiful and snowy one.

But now it’s SPRING!

We took a quick day trip to play and explore in a fun place on Sunday. 





Any guesses as to where we went? Your hint is that a river does, indeed, run through it.

We had a blast doing some easy paved and gravel riding while exploring a network of trails that more or less follow the river (in and out of town). We, of course, visited Big Dipper Ice Cream and had dinner at Tamarack.

Looking forward to going back to MIssoula again soon!