it’s a small world after all…

Hopefully the song won’t be stuck in your head for too long…

I have all sorts of weird connections with people I know, and I used to think it was because I lived in the same chunk of Northern Colorado for 27 years (my whole entire life, minus the last two months).  Really, though, the world isn’t always as big as it seems.

Thus follows a funny story centered around this guy, Martin’s Pugsley.


We joke that he makes us instant friends everywhere he goes with us.

We rode our bikes to church on Sunday (Martin was on the Pug), and afterward ended up talking with a couple who had been desperately trying to figure out who we were all morning by texting friends pictures of the bike and describing any person in church that they didn’t recognize.  They waited around and made a beeline for us as soon as we went to our bikes.  We talked with them for a while, exchanged phone numbers, and got invited to a small group (we’ve been just waiting for an invitation from someone!).

Here’s where things get crazy. We went to small group on Tuesday, which happened to be hosted at the home of THE guy in the valley who is completely obsessed with fat bikes (he’s famous around these parts).  Barely had introductions started and D. (aka fat bike aficionado) starts asking us details about our car, and if we happened to visit in March.  He whipped out his phone and showed us a picture he took of our car (with bikes–including the Pugsley–on top) when we were visiting the area for the first time a few month ago.  He had posted the picture on Facebook, asking friends who from Colorado was visiting.  Further into the conversation, we realize that we had met his wife while riding one of the local trails when we were here again in May.  As it turns out, this couple is also from Colorado, went to college at CSU, and went to church at Summitview and The Rock!

Everyone else in the group was laughing and trying to assure us that they don’t usually stalk people.

By the end of the night (we stayed late…after well-past the 10 o’clock whistle), it started to feel like we hadn’t moved 1,000 miles away from home.  The world seemed to shrink a bit as we laughed and talked with people with common interests and random connections that we didn’t expect–and all because of Martin’s bike!


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